Properati App
Find your next home through a simple experience with no ads invovled
Finding your next home or apartment has never been easier! With Properati App you'll find developments to invest, in construction or finished, as well as apartments and houses for sale or rent. You can choose the city, neighborhood, price, area and more. We want the experience to call or send an email to the property to be an easy and simple process. You can also easily chat with realtors.
Our map view will help you visualize where the properties are, how to get there and what transports are available in the area. You can also find listings around your current location. Properati customizes your searches remembering your preferences, and help with suggestions so you get faster to your next home.
In addition, Properati offer a wide range of tools to make it easier to better understand the state of the market, like a "valuator", in which you can estimate the price of a house.

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life
  • Real Estate, House, Apartment, Rent, Sale, Development
Target Users
  • This app is aimed to people who is looking for a new home.
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