We are the leader in CRM Systems, providing mobile and web platforms that allow residents to connect with their local government and build better communities.
PublicStuff has helped more than 150 cities throughout the United States to connect with their local community and streamline the public service request process. We create web and mobile platforms that allow citizens to submit public service requests directly to the correct city staff member in the right department, in real time, from any location. Citizens are then able to share their request with others using our social tools, vote on other requests, attach pictures, provide comments and check on the status of submitted requests. Cities are then given access to the backend workflow suite where they can manage requests, organize their workflow and communicate back to the resident, in real time, regarding the status of their service request. Through this process, PublicStuff is changing the way governments communicate.

Submitting a service request through the PublicStuff app costs pennies per transaction, whereas walk-ins and calls can cost over $9.00 per transaction. By utilizing our request management system, we have helped cities save between $16k - $320K each year and our absorption of duplicate request submissions decreased the amount of service requests and inquiries that staff receive by 38 percent. Enhanced features like access to robust analytics and detailed reporting through GIS map integration, allows cities to stay on top of emerging trends and make data driven decisions.
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  • 311, service requests, local governments, communities.
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