Track on a daily basis how many men and women are using paid public sanitation facilities globally and regionally
Many public and private sanitation facilities have been constructed. Some are elaborate with bathing facilities and others have waste treatment and biogas recovery. Some are free and others are pay for use.

However, we do not know what impact they are having. How many people are using them? What revenues are being generated? Are there any patterns in usage? How do maintenance, cleanliness, odour, lighting, water, etc. impact operations?

The Solution - Use SMS To Track Usage

PWX has developed an SMS based service to allow an operator to send data that can be instantly tracked. The operator can send data daily or even hourly. PWX will initially track three parameters:

1. Number of male users
2. Number of women users
3. Revenues

Additional parameters such as water usage and treatment can be easily added. In addition, the Notes feature can add context thru text, photos, and video to any data.

SMS Instructions

Send an SMS to either +91.9266592665 (India) or TXTWEB (or 898932) (USA). The format is:

@pwxdemo s1680 m[# of male users] f[# of female users] r[revenue]

Replace the [italics] with a number. Please do not leave the brackets and do not introduce spaces between the category and the number. Here is an example:

@pwxdemo s1680 m1400 f2224 r3624
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), SMS
  • Free version available
Stop open defecation!, Rural areas - lack of sanitation, Poor access to data, Other, Make sanitation affordable, Governance and sanitation, Empower citizens
  • water, sanitation, public, users, revenue, operation, sustainability, metrics
Target Users
  • Sanitation facility operators, gov\'t agencies, funders, researchers, philanthropic institutions.
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