Active mobility as you wish. Qirate maps, rates and gives routing suggestions about the pedestrian/bikers friendliness of streets and places in urban areas
Qirate is a simple but powerful rating and routing tool to help perform safely and pleasantly active mobility to those who live or visit a city, increasing active forms of transportation and contributing to the liveability of the neighbourhood.
The main functionalities are:
- provide full information for walking and cycling safely and pleasantly in a city with an interactive map
- rate walking or cycling friendliness of streets or small area by combining structural info, satellite imagery, environmental indexes and, open and crowdsourced data
- new approach to routing based upon own preferences or by choosing in a set of quality parameters: greenest, cleanest air, low pollens, thematic shopping, proximity facilities, etc.
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Poor access to data, Other, Health, Children are at risk..., Art and Culture
  • Qirate Mobility Urban Mobility Routing Active Mobility Sustainable Mobility Green path
Target Users
  • Citizens or tourists who practice active means of transportation (Walking and Cycling), Sensible-categories (Asmathics, Infants and Childrens, Pregnant women, Elderly people), Smart Cities, Companies interested to provide smart routing in their apps
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