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Qrioscity is an app for Android and iOS. Is a new concept of collaborative cultural-tourist guide, a geolocation game and a cultural social network at the same time. The main features of Qrioscity are:

1) Unlike cultural-tourist guides, Qrioscity feeds the content from the users themselves collaborating and sharing their knowledge of places (monuments, buildings, streets, parks, etc). People use to know things about what they have around them and in Qrioscity they will be able to share it with others users. Those shared contents will be brief, just one sentence written as a question with four possible answers. Other users will have to guess the correct answer. This way, users will learn and remember a curious fact about that concrete visited place. Every place can have unlimited questions.

2) Unlike other geolocation games, Qrioscity have an added value: culture. The user plays learning at the same time. As we said before, users will post questions of places in a map, and other users will answer them. For every answered question the user will earn points. Users who have posted a question will earn points too every time someone answers it. These points rank users in a leader board. To be able to answer these questions the user has to be physically on the place (geolocated based game). Users can also post photos of those places that can be seen for others and vote them. All this information (questions and photos), will be accessible through markers in a map integrated in the app. We will call those markers “Knowledge Portals”.

3) Finally, Qrioscity is also a cultural social network. There will be a forum where users will post content for others to read in a radius close to them. That means that they will be different forums based on distance. These forums will commonly be defined for the area of each city. In this forum users will collaborate with the community posting news of events like concerts, festivals, theatre, etc. Qrioscity will also allow contacting people of the area where we are or where we are travelling sending private messages to other users.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • Our strategy to launch Qrioscity will be based in three phases. 1st phase) Spanish market. To launch Qrioscity we will introduce 6,000 questions of 30 different cities in Spain (cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants or strategically important). That
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