Why Advertise when you can QRtise
QRtise is an inclusive App that allows anyone the ability to own an App from a small cafe to the best hotel in town.*

The App is managed by the subscriber but used by everyone who scans it. No searching just scan and see. It is direct advertising.

The Scanned QR Code translates to the mobile phone language idea for Tourist or multicultural advertising.*
Members subscribe to QRtise choosing the App that best suits their needs.*

The App is controlled from the members App control account page. The App control page allows members to fully brand their App with logo colors etc.*

They then upload images of the tourist attraction, event, place, product for sale or vehicle they are advertising, location for map navigation, YouTube video.*

Links to social media and booking connections along with their social media account pages. If the member is selling direct they will populate the PayPal inputs stating price tax currency etc. The details page will reflect the description their product along with price if applicable.*

It takes no more than 5 minutes to create your App and can be used on any device including mobiles.*

The member account page is connected to the App through RESTful API and is updated by a finger print cache so any changes can be shown immediately, the App will update automatically after 8 hours ensuring users are always up to date.*

The member can track usage through the account analytics.
The member uploads an image or uses a provided template to generate the paired QR Code, this is downloaded and printed on point of sale media, magazines flyers or posters. It can be used in mainstream stores helping customers understand the products they are buying or on A-boards outside restaurants and cafés advertising the dish of the day.*
Users on seeing the QR code scan and a localized translation informs the user of the tourist attraction in their language allowing them to book, navigate and read, see images and watch videos relating to the attraction, event or product.*

The App can also be used for public service information, informing including Google forms for surveys and to gather opinions.*
Ideal for Tourist and non-native speaking users to read in their own language relevant information. *

The App can be used for any product from a small café to large hotels on museum walls or Tourist excursions to booking hotel rooms or dinner at a local restaurant.*

It is a sustainable tool in paper saving giving one scan to many languages. The scanned App can be shared on social media pages or SMS text to contacts extending your product awareness internationally.*
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, HTML5, Windows 8
  • Free version available
  • Tourist information App - £30 p.a. (Free right now Public Free.)
  • Promotions App - £30 pa
  • Vehicle sales App - £30 pa
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  • Dynamic, Visible, Inclusive, Environment, Physical web, sustainability,Ease of use. Print to web.
Target Users
  • The App is designed to be used by anyone from landmark tourist attractions, local business, street cafe' to shops who wish to attract international customers. Great for Tourist attractions and international events. Use directly on printed media.
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