RadioMe is the Android app radio that plays your social media
Download RadioMe, add your twitter, facebook, gmail and music lists and you are all set. RadioMe is perfect for driving, cycling, working out. It is the radio station that plays your life.

RadioMe receives updates from one or more configured providers (like twitter), using text-to-speech synthesis to read them. This app works as a background service, so you can use your phone, play games etc. while RadioMe is running.

You can listen to your favourite music while using the app. When new updates are received, music volume is lowered, new updates are read and then music continues playing at his original volume.

RadioMe supports: twitter timeline, mentions and messages. Also supports updates from facebook, linkedIn, unread messages from gmail, articles from google reader, incoming SMS messages and reading the time.

RadioMe automatically detects the language of each update speaking it on this language. Language detection supports English (US and UK), Deutsch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. You need to specify on the preferences the languages to detect.

RadioMe is an app designed by Martin Varsavsky, the development was done by Alberto Ruibal. We are currently working on an iPhone version of RadioMe.
  • Free version available
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  • radio, music, social media, twitter, facebook, linkedin, gmail, rss, reader, sms, text-to-speech
Target Users
  • social media users, music lovers, sportsmans, drivers
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