Analyze customer reviews like never before
RateUs is a platform that integrates with mobile application Yummy.uz to help collect customer feedback onsite and offsite within few seconds and output management reports.

RateUs (tablet application) can come along with a bill in restaurants, cafes, or placed at counters in financial institutions, hotels, government agencies, etc.

Customer feedback be it quick poll submissions or textual reviews submitted via RateUs, Yummy.uz or Facebook Business Pages are all analyzed to provide the management with Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty Indicators, Competitor Analysis, Industry Analysis and a lot more.

In addition to management reports, the system offers means to resolve the issues and inform customers of their resolutions, thus enhancing customer experience.

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
  • Basic Package - 199 (Dhs/month)
  • Standard Package - 299 (Dhs/month)
  • Premium Package - 399 (Dhs/month)
Other, Eating and Drinking, Business and Work
  • feedback, reviews, comments, ratings, customer feedback, customer reviews, review analysis, analysis, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, competitor analysis, industry analysis
Target Users
  • Retail, Hotels, Restaurants, Financial institutions, Government Agencies
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes
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