Learn to recycle and earn for it
Is a web and smartphone app designed to help people and organizations to know how to separate, reduce and prepare recyclable disposals avoid sanitation issues. Also, help to schedule the picking up times and reminds the user about it. Recyclaya helps user to find the best way to collect the cash refunds for plastic, glass and aluminum cans automatically.
The app have three main steps:
1. Learn & reduce: Scanning the glass, plastic and aluminum containers bar-codes, the app is going to teach you the best practices to separate and prepare scraps to be recycled.
2. Schedule: The app collect the information scanned from the bar-codes and estimate when you have enough to dispose it optimizing the trips. The app is going to program remainders to the user.
3. Earn money: The app is going to help you to find the better available options to collect the refund cash for recyclable materials. Helping to save the planet, ReciclaYa app user are going to save their money.
On the same way, the users are going to obtain social networks and community recognitions due the implementation of recycling best practices.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
Urban life, Other, Education
  • recycling, sanitation for water deposit in waste, recycling by barcode
Target Users
  • citizens, housewives, students, professionals, officers, people, garbage collect companies, recycling companies
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