Remiix is a series of iOS apps that lets you combine, re-arrange and mix the parts of your favourite artists' music.
The Remiix series of apps, for iPad and iPhone, allows you to remix your favorite music. Features like automatic beatmatching and effects allow you to combine parts of different songs to create something completely new. Each Remiix app has a unique look and is packed with exclusive content from top artists.

Five editions are currently out with another new edition coming out monthly:

Remiix Remiix Plastikman

Remiix Joris Voorn

Remiix Dubfire

Remiix Luna - Stephan Bodzin Vs. Marc Romboy

Remiix Acquaviva & Giacomotto

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Remiix Plastikman - 2.39€
  • Remiix Luna - 2.39€
  • Remiix Joris Voorn - 2.39€
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  • record, DJ, mix, remix, techno, house, disco, soundcloud, minimal
Target Users
  • music fans, music hobbyists, producers, DJs, anybody who enjoys a fun music app
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iTunes, iPad App Store
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