Restaurant Menu
Display menus/catalogs and manage orders of businesses has never been this easy!
If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, cafe, bar or other business that offers a menu or catalog to their customers, this application is the appropriate one!

Supported languages: Spanish, English and Hebrew.

What is Restaurant Menu?

✓ Is a menu or digital catalog from which guests can see the offer in an attractive, modern and innovative way, and where also can order themselves.
✓ Is a versatil tool for presenting slides at fullscreen in Android TVs or conventional TVs with Android Stick. Very useful for presenting offers or promote items.
✓ This solution goes beyond allowing the management of orders generated by guests or staff of your business from different devices configured with different roles.

This is a cloud based solution, but without dependencies with third parties. We have developed an efficient sync protocol that ensures ultimate performance and reliability in data transmission.

Some possible applications:

✓ Menu or digital catalog: to show the offer of your business to guests.
✓ Menu or digital catalog interactive: to show the offer of your business to guests and allow themselves to generate orders.
✓ Terminal for presale: can be used to generate and manage orders from devices configured with Administrator or Superuser role (creation of orders, modification of statuses, printing, etc.).

The versatility of this solution makes it suitable for use in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and other types of businesses. In turn, thanks to that it can operate off-line, can be used to take orders in areas without Internet coverage.

What users say about Restaurant Menu?

★★★★★ Excellent app Does exactly what it's supposed to, and better than any of the others on the market. Also looks excellent and is very customizable.

★★★★★ I had a question and emailed to their customer service. They replied to me rapidly and answered my question thoroughly. Excellent service!

★★★★★ Good addition to my restaurant management system

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