First interactive, upgradeable, multi version music player.
Other than a music player, Revibro is a web-mobile platform, that centralises interactive products, software, and online services focused on the music industry.

New music format: “.maf” (multi audio file)
The .maf format allows to have these tracks or instruments separately, and as we are the inventors, the only music player that will be able to play .maf files at the beginning, will be Revibro .
At the end of the production process of a song, all tracks or instruments that compose it, end up being mixed and exported into a single file.
Example .mp3 , .wav , .flac , etc.

This innovation opens up a new world of musical possibilities:
Dynamic: When recording multiple versions of the instruments separately, the listener can hear different versions of the same song.
Interactive: The listener can play with the application by changing, removing or placing different instruments directly interacting with the music.
Multi version: As an example, if a song includes 5 variations of each instrument by 6 instruments, it will allow us to obtain 15625 variations.
Multi language: By including several versions of a vocal track, Revibro can play those songs in different languages.
Upgradable: Artists can update and add variations of instruments endlessly.
Multi instrument Karaoke: User can mute any instrument to play along.

To make this possible, we created the Revibro musical Ecosystem.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Revibro Music download - € 1 (per multiversion song)
  • Revibor player - € 0
  • music, disruptive, new, multi-version, interactive, aupgradable,
Target Users
  • General Target is: mobile users between 12 - 55 years old. Users Plus: music fan, millenials Musicians, Composers, Independent artists. Profesional artists and Brands, that can use our plataform as a Marketing tool.
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