Ringtone Director Pro
Let your iPhone tell you who is calling, literally! In dozens of voices including Presidents Obama or Bush!
Write your 'script', choose a speaker (50+ TEXT-TO-SPEECH voices in Ringtone Director Pro) & tons of sound FX to create your own custom Talking Caller ID ringtones! Unlimited! Uncensored! Use custom ringtones for Caller ID, incoming email, text messages and alarm clock alerts (iOS 5 or later!) Absolutely nothing more to pay! No subscriptions, no per-ringtone fees, no In-App purchases! Ringtones work on iPhone & Android/others! Ringtone Director is incredibly fun and incredibly useful, as you will always know when your phone is the one ringing, and who is calling!

Now with the voice of SIRI (we call her 'Appy' but you'll recognize her in an instant!) Our users have created over SEVEN MILLION custom ringtones & voted us BEST RINGTONE APP at ABOUT.com!

The app is also available in a variety of voices/languages!
Ringtone Director Presidential Edition featuring Presidents Obama and Bush!
Ringtones EURO features European languages (French, Spanish, German and more!)
Asian Ringtones for Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hindi, Korean and more.
Arabic Ringtones offers custom Arabic talking tones!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Ringtone Director Pro 3.0 - 4.99 (Also, Ringtone Director: Presidential Edition)
  • Ringtone Director Pro - $4.99 (Free version also available with fewer voices)
  • Ringtone Director: Presidential Edition - $0.99 (Bush and Obama's voices!)
Business and Work, Music, Social Media, Transport and Traffic
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Target Users
  • Anyone, but especially helpful for Blind, Low Vision users, and drivers as they can hear who is calling without looking at their phone or trying to remember which ringtone is for which contact.
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