A personal fitness DJ, that fits in your pocket
RockMyRun changes the way people exercise by providing a personalized music experience that is scientifically proven to increase motivation and performance.

It starts with amazing, licensed, DJ-created music from some of the world’s biggest artists, including David Guetta, Zedd, Afrojack and others. These talented curators put together mixes, designed specifically to energize and motivate active people.

But what sets RockMyRun apart from the competition is the technology behind it. The app takes bio-metric data from smartphones and wearable devices, interprets it, and in real-time changes the tempo of the music being listened to so it matches a person’s movement or follows their heartbeat.

This phenomenon, which we call “Body Driven Music” has been proven to increase exercise enjoyment by 20.9%, reduce feelings of fatigue by 23.5% and increase intrinsic motivation by over 35%.

By creating a personalized and immediate musical experience, RockMyRun makes any workout better and helps the fitness technology industry evolve into the future.

Content should react to users. It should know users and give them what they need at any given moment. This powerful vision is a reality, and it is working for millions of users on RockMyRun.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • ROCKSTAR (monthly) - $4.99/month
  • ROCKSTAR (annual) - $35.99/year
Sports, Music, Health
  • Running music, running playlist, gym playlist, exercise music, workout music, workout playlist
Target Users
  • Active (and aspiring active) people who are motivated by music.
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes
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