RPS Tournament
Share the fun with your friends in a complete Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament just in your blackberry device.
RPS Tournament is a multi-user game based on homogenous Multi-Agent System (MAS) technology which is known for multi-robots interaction research:
We have taken the MAS technology from the labs to the gaming applications. We have created the MAS gaming engine using BBM to get the future of multi-users mobile games:
- Up to 24 interactive users
- No server
- No host device – If the user who initiates the game left the game still on.
- The capability to manage a tournament of multiple games.
- No mobile data plan or Wi-Fi is required – just BBM.
- Social game with viral effect: invite you friends and friend of friends (BBM contacts) to download and participate in the tournament and join the fun.
- Every mobile device is an agent that can join or leave any time (game rules are applied).
- Very limited amount of data transfer.
- Fully distributed system on every mobile device.

We have selected Rock-Paper-Scissors to be our first application because is a well-known game with very large amount of fans. Game duration is relatively shot which is very convenient for users to get used to the technology.
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • Teens, Rock-Paper-Scissors fans, multi-players mobile game fans,
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