Measure everything!
Ever had the problem that you wanted to measure the dimensions of an object but had no ruler within reach? With this handy app for The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ you can measure small objects in one go by touching the screen and using the build in crosslines with attached distance measurement. With the easy-to-use Toggle-Switch you can pick either inch or centimeter.

Release 1.1.11:
- New dimension unit added: Pixel
- Second red crossline added
- Distance measurement between the two cross lines
- Multitouch (both crosslines can be moved simultaneously)
- Offset moving the crosslines by draging the lines
- Deleting a crossline by dragging it to the bottom left corner
- Optional area calculation added

Release 1.1.5:
- Swipedown Menu added
- Settings can be saved now
- Distance Measurement can be cleared now
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), BlackBerry - PlayBook
  • Ruler - 0.99$ (Blackberry App World)
  • Ruler+ HD - 0.99$ (iPad App Store)
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  • ruler, measurement, distance, area, length
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  • everyone
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