Russian Video Search
Type in Russian or English. Search Russian videos on Youtube, Yandex & Google.
This application allows you to type your search in Russian & English simultaneously via a 'Hybrid' keyboard, as well as using speech recognition. The Hybrid keyboard types English letters to output Russian letters, and vice versa. It uses letter mappings. Additionally, the app offers a standard Russian keyboard, and also an English keyboard. You can then search YouTube and Yandex video sites, as well as Google. It also saves your search history locally.

-Supports Google TV with Logitech Revue
-Russian on-screen keyboard, and a button to switch to English keyboard
-Button for Hybrid keyboard (type in English & output Russian letters)
-Voice search buttons for Russian and English
-Saves recent search history
-Colored icons in tabs for YouTube, Yandex and Google
-Support for landscape and portrait mode
  • Free version available
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  • Russian, video, search, keyboard, yandex, youtube
Target Users
  • Russian-speaking users in U.S.A and abroad, who are interested in Russian videos.
Available in the following app stores
AndAppStore , Google Play, AndroidPit, Chomp, Ericsson, Amazon App Store, Mobango, neXva
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