SanApp is an mobile application for logging the user complaints and fulfilling their request regarding sanitation problems faced by the urban and rural people.
SanApp is an Android based mobile application for solving the Sanitation problem for rural and urban areas.
SanApp is a Centralized system for registering sanitization requirements and grievances for common people and private societies. This application is an integration platform between centralized helpdesk and the Government Municipality / Local authorities(team responsible for catering the issue). Government Municipality / Local authorities will use this app to fetch the complaint details and update status post closure.
Android, HTML5, SMS
  • Free version available
Waste water is poorly managed, Stop open defecation!, Rural areas - lack of sanitation, Poor access to data, Governance and sanitation, Empower citizens
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Target Users
  • SanApp will basically target 5 types of its user which are- 1) People in Rural Areas– Around 70% of the people in the rural areas suffer from the sanitation problem and they do not have simple and easy way to do complaints regarding this problem. Also mo
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