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Hello, would you like to get to know Schooltivity?

It is a digital platform that will help managing your day care centre in a very simple way.

It improves communication between parents and day care centre.

It motivates children in a fun way and informs parents about the personal development of their children.

Management + communication + pedagogic value

MANAGEMENT of the centre. Any information for better management of your nursery (all information to manage your day care centre): children, teachers, statistics, school activities, information about nutrition ,etc.
A good functioning of a day care centre starts with a good management. Schooltivity helps you with this!

Letters, notification, pictures, calendar…all information well organised and arranged and accessible in just one “click”.
Show your centre´s scholar life and experiences. Doing things well isn´t enough, you need to communicate it!

Instant messaging
Instant communication, easy and effective between families and your centre.

School agenda
A quick, easy and intuitive way of updating information related to the toddlers. Personalised according to the needs of your class.

"Schooltivity regroups my tasks in just one tool"


Following your educational objectives, Schooltivity helps to motivate the children by helping and rewarding their efforts. Share the obtained results with toddlers and family and consult the development during the course.

Help in the school class
Aulabox, a tool that allows sharing projects, activities, videos, music, stories, etc….that children do in class.

- Direction: offers a global view of the centre and a detailed view for every class.
- Teacher: maintains class activities structured and classified. Common space teacher-family
- Parents: Access to activities carried out by their children in order to get to know, to work on and to improve results in class.

Measures personal development of your toddlers when it comes to: nutrition, sleep control, toilet training, drinking bottles, assistance control, etc…

Schooltivity makes your job easier!

Schooltivity improves the management and development of your day care centre. An effective way of centralising and optimising various processes…and all that from a friendly-use digital platform.

Schooltivity at the school
- offers pedagogic value to your centre
- connects different tools in just one digital platform
- generates information about the personal development of the toddler
- Optimises time of any daily process: assistance, filling out agendas, preparation of communication and notifications…
- Information will reach you…Push Notifications on your mobile phone or Tablet whenever there is new information.
- Information at just one “click” away from any place.
- Fluid and efficient communication between day care centre-families (all information registered)
- Information adapted to specific characteristics of the class.
- SSL secured, secure hosting in Amazon AWS, respecting law on protection of personal data.

In a very simple way and according to the objectives set out in your program.
Schooltivity motivates your children in a playful way!
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
  • childhood education, communication, motivation, digital agenda, educational platform, educación infantil, comunicación, motivación, agenda digital, plataforma educativa
Target Users
  • headmaster, teacher, parents, students, director de colegio, profesor, padres, estudiantes
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