Sesano (Beta)
Next generation conversational artificially intelligent personal assistant that can understand and learn.
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The aim of this project is to produce a more engaging personal assistant that can not only manage a user's daily activities, but can also engage in a conversation like you would with a real human.
The advance in mobile technology, cloud computing and high speed internet connectivity has led to the huge progress in the engineering of conversational technology.
Sesano is not a voice command application that you just gives commands to accomplish.
She is a true conversational artificially intelligent personal assistant (CAIPA).
She understands natural language and you can communicate with her just the same way you would with a real human. She keeps you organised, while keeping you connect to loved ones and business that mate to you.
She possess her own personality, so you can either like or love her. And she does things differently, in her own way.
Current she is able to perform basics tasks such as; place phone calls, send text messages, retrieve information from the internet,learn new facts from you, search for location and direction, play song and video, engage in conversation, set alarm reminder and calendar event, plus so much more.
She can also understand natural language (NL) like a human, thanks to AIML (Artificial Intelligent Mark-up Language) developed by Dr Richard Wallace.
The first class software engineering innovation and creativity forged together to birth Sesano will blow you away.
Features:1. Staying in touch: Calls and Text messages2. Access device functions and launch installed apps3. Learn new facts and also learn about you4. Play songs and videos5. Send feature request6. Schedule calendar appointment and events7. Access news, weather and time information8. Search for pictures and videos9. Inbuilt dictionary and definitions with over 240k words10. Switch from personal assistant to different bots/surrogate11. Set alarm and reminders12. Engage in conversation or short discussion13.Search and open websites
Sesano is still work in progress.Please leave feedback:
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Target Users
  • Both young and matured audience. For both leisure and professional purpose
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