Settings tile pro
Settings tile is an application that allows you to create custom shortcuts in the main screen of your device windows phone.
In this version 1.0 you can create shortcuts for the following settings:
- Wireless
- Bluetooth
- Airplane mode
- Cellular
- Custom shortcut (which quickly allows you to configure all settings offered before)
- Google search

For each tile, you can customize:
- Background color
- Text on / off
- Text Color
- Text content
- Text size
- Text alignment (vertical and horizontal)
- Image on/off
- Image source (between six images)
- Color image
- Size of image
- Mask on/off
- Mask source (between six images)
- Color mask
- Mask opacity

The app's prize is 0,99€ and it's aviable a trial version.
Windows Phone
  • Free version available
  • Settings tile pro - 0,99
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Target Users
  • windows phone users
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