Sex 8 ball
Funny sex games
Sex is a fun 8 ball that will allow you to try out new sexual positions with your partner.
There are 60 different positions of the kamasutra and for each position is indicated:

- Category (oral sex, from the side, woman above, man above, from behind, standing)
- Difficulty (degree of difficulty rated from 1 to 5 stars)
- More active partner (can be man, woman or both)
- Pro-Cons and the various recommendations relating to the chosen location.

Pro version:
- 60 positions
- You can select the type of positions to be displayed
- On/off Sound and vibrate
- No ad banners

Shaking the phone, the phone will offer you a position to be tested ... as a true 8-ball! Simply click on the position to get all the details you want.

It 'also a list of all positions to personally choose which one to try.

The application is completely translated into Italian and English.


It 'also a trial version with 15 positions (instead of 60).
  • Free version available
  • Sex 8 ball - 0,99
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  • sex, games, kamasutra, position
Target Users
  • man, woman, over 18
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