Sharing Academy
Who better than a colleague to help you learn your lesson?
Sharing Academy is a peer-to-peer marketplace where university students share their knowledge and learn from their colleagues with private classes.

Nowadays, university students only have a few options if they need extra help in a particular subject: they can attend review classes, go to an academy to get academic support or ask family and friends for help.

After an extensive study with university students, we at Sharing Academy, concluded that the best tutor for a specific subject is the student who successfully completed that subject. Every student has that subject that he is perfect at; it´s a shame that all this knowledge vanishes once he completes the course. At Sharing Academy, we want that student to share his knowledge with his colleagues, while making some money in exchange.

Therefore, anyone with teaching, tutoring, or instructing experience can become a tutor as far as they are currently enrolled in, or have graduated from the same college subject they want to teach. This benefits all the community members involved. On one hand, students that need help with a particular subject can find specific resources on that subject, which will be taught by another colleague who passed that subject within the same school. On the other hand, good students can make extra money teaching subjects they are passionate about, and become even better students during the process.

The positive effects of this connection are numerous: not only do students in need of help become better students, but it encourages studying at all levels, as good students compete to offer the best class. Classmates who never met before create powerful bonds with their peers. And most importantly, sharing knowledge is the key to success for those students that will later become professionals.
Android, HTML5
  • Free version available
  • Free - 0 (Students pay nothing)
  • Fee based - 1 € - 2 € (Tutor pays the fee)
  • Lead based - 5 € - 10 € (Tutor pays the price)
  • sharing economy, education, university, student, work, job, collaborative economy
Target Users
  • university students
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