Sharing City
Tomorrow's cities will be collaborative
Based on the 1st social network dedicated to neighborhoods in France (Mon P'ti Voisinage, 4 500 local networks in France, and over 40 in Lyon), we've been designing a new collaborative services ecosystem dedicated to cities. This is called : Sharing City.
Thanks to this approach, and home-maded-API, citizens can easily collaborate to make better living & happy neighborhood : car sharing, car renting, direct dialogue with city hall, issues report to technical team, live alerts, local events sharing, highlight of local shops, etc.
Citizen participation becomes real and useful.
Furthermore, this ecosystem can be enriched (plug) with other startup services, open data, and solutions providers.
This application, already available on the web, is in beta test.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
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  • Sharing city collaborative economy connected citizens Local communities Public dialogue
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  • Everyone (actives)
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