Change the Way You Meet People at Conferences and Events
Ever go to an event and spend hours trying to find the right person to talk to? Ever get tongue-tied when striking up a conversation with a stranger in a crowded conference? Let Shhmooze change the way you meet people.

Shhmooze is an amazing new location-based app that lets you use your mobile to check into a business event and broadcast your profile to other delegates.

Shhmooze shows you who’s useful or interesting – and helps you connect with the 5 people you really need to talk to. With Shhmooze you don’t need to ‘work’ a whole room – you can focus on getting to know who you need to know – quickly and easily!

Coming soon to Android, Blackberry and Windows phone.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • Conference, Events, Social Networking, Speed Networking, Business Networking, Professional Networking, Discovery, Geolocation, Location Based Services, Location Based Technology,
Target Users
  • Conference Organisers Event Organisers Professionals Business People Networking Professionals Freelancers Small Business Owners
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