A mobile shopping experience that replicates and enhances the real world
Shopping in the real world is fun, social, enables discovery of new products and - restating the obvious - is a three dimensional experience. We believe that mobile shopping must have all those elements, plus all the benefits of semantic search and ultra customized promotions.

We have developed a mobile app that creates such an experience, in addition to the software for merchants to create and manage their own online stores with a unique panoramic or 3D environment.

Meet us at App Circus to discover a mobile shopping experience that's even better than in the real world!
Adobe AIR, Flash Player, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Series 40, Qt
  • Free version available
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  • Mobile commerce, mobile marketing, promotions, semantic search, iPhone, iPad, panoramic, street view, 3D, location based, social, Facebook integration, unified shopping experience, multichannel.
Target Users
  • All users of e-commerce, mobile commerce and promotions.
Available in the following app stores
iTunes, Opera Mobile Store
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