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Revolutionizing the way we buy things
Shopgate has been founded in 2009. Besides its leading Mobile-Shopping solution for merchants, the company has also launched it's own Marketplace app where customers can buy things as easy as buying an app in the App Store.

With our exciting SCAN&BUY Technology we want to combine mobile shopping with print advertisement, catalogues, billboards and any kind of printed advertisement by using QR-codes, image recognition and location based services! - Advertisment becomes measurable and more proftable with Shopgate: Finally marketing meets Sales!

In only 10 months since going live Shopgate has won over 250 merchants such as Angry Birds, Libri, BabyWalz, Fritz Berger, Cyberport. It registered 500.000 Downloads of its apps and more than 70.000 customers each day on it's platform. The company as been recommended by Deutsche Telekom, the German Webselling magazine, Internetworld, OneToOne. More information in
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, HTML5
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  • Mobile Shopping, buying with apps, Scan&Buy, Barcode, QR-Code, Image recognition, Vision, Shops, Mobile Commerce, M-Commerce
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  • People who want to save money while shopping and buy with the mobile device withing seconds...
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