Mobile Comparison Shopping Engine
Shoplog represents the new system for the Comparison Shopping engines , it is originated from the passion of the shopping hunt for the perfect cloth , or the missing Furniture .Shopping is not just buying but it is an adventure , Hunt ; although sometimes we encounter certain technical difficulties like:

* Forgetting items prices , locations
* Sharing Your Shopping Findings with others
* Staying in contact with the Shop for sale information on that specific item

Nowadays There is Drift in Shopping Behavior from Shoppers with Camera Phone , everybody is taking picture for the piece of furniture that he'd love to have , for the new shirt in the mirror in the dressing room , for the antique in the auction room , for the paintings that he wants to hang on the newly painted wall , for the Wedding dresses that she has to decide which one to wear on her big day .

Choice is hard.
Not Any more With Shoplog you will able to use the Phone as a shopping assistant
This application simply provide instant aid to the normal procedure for shoppers
You like something (sofa, chair, shorts, shirt, skirt, bag, pants,......)
**Take a photo with shoplog,
**Log the price,
**Name of the shop,
**Where it is,
**Which size or dimensions,
**Shop phone number
**Shop email (if any)
**Shop website (if any)
**Any comments that you want to add
**It will save automatically the date where you logged this item

Thats it you have saved on your phone
Secondly if you want to share with someone special
**Husband/wife ( Basically this is Why i have Created this App )
**Best friends
**Everybody on your facebook/twitter friends
It is up to you!

Once you have done the field search in the Shops in your Shopping District/Mall for your what ever you want to buy
You have also to look for the best option on-line , so we have added a Feature to enable you to search in

* Amazon
* Yahoo buy
* PriceGrabber
* Nextag
* Shopzila
* Rakuten (for The Japanese Market)
* Taobao (for The Chinese Market)

The Beauty of this Application it simplify the Shopping Process into 3 main steps :

1- Product Search
2- Define Priority & Rating for Each Product
3- Make the Buy Decision
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • fashion, sale, furniture, dress, shoes, shopping, discount, engine, photo, price
Target Users
  • Everybody who is interested in shopping in Dubai where there lots of options & hard decisions to make
Available in the following app stores
iTunes, iPad App Store
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