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Automated Traffic Surveillance
Abstract: - This project aims to investigate and offer solutions to the traffic jam problems in Egypt. Our project tends to utilize the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) instead of the wired networks due to its simplicity and portability as well as its reduced cost. WSNs have been successfully used in many critical applications including traffic monitoring and management. Therefore, our project tends to develop a prototype that can be extended to monitor and manage the traffic in Egypt especially in high ways and the major blocking areas in Cairo and Alexandria.

Approach and tools/techniques: - WSN will be utilized to solve the traffic jams in many areas in Egypt. Sensors will be deployed along the roads. The collected data is sent to a centralized computer for data processing and decision making. Certainly, different artificial intelligence techniques such as neural networks and fuzzy logic as well as prediction algorithms is used for decision making process.

User-target features
- Show colored map for city roads tell him/her the status of each road (Congested,Moderate or free)
- List available paths from specified place to the required destiny
- Suggest the best path from the paths list
- Calculate the expected time, average speed and environmental factors(temp, humidity..) of paths and suggest the best path
- Prediction feature that allows users to explore the status of roads in the upcoming days
- Report an accident which allow users to report the accident from his/her handheld device to let the police playback the tapes for this road and figure out the guilty one then go to the accident place

Government-target features:
- List top congested roads, that helps government to control the flow to solve the problem
- Live monitoring for roads through cameras to capture lawless vehicles & the flow of roads
- Transportation simulator to be used in planning new roads and testing specific flow information.
  • Free version available
Transport and Traffic
  • Live Feeding, Data Mining, Real-Time App, Mobile Site, Web-Site- WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks), ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
Target Users
  • Drivers, Ordinary Citizens, Government Traffic Agency
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