Sight on Me
"Sight on Me", is a GPS tracking service through the use of the latest generation smartphone devices such as Android or iPhone/IPAD. It uses your mobile device GPS connections - UMTS/GPRS to keep track of your movements.

After installing the app on your smartphone, to start using "Sight on Me", you need to create an account. The credentials of this account will give you access to the web based consultation of all movements made during your daily sessions.

After setting up the configuration parameters, using "Sight on Me" is very simple, just press the "start button" to start and stop tracking session. Accessing to your account from Web, will allow you to search by date and/or time range, do a real-time tracking, examining in detail every single session of movements displaying them on the map.

You will see the path divided into markers on it. Clicking on each marker, an information window will display: an instance of Street View, approximate address, date, time and speed in km/h. You'll be also provided with other useful information regarding the traveled route as a spatial distance in kilometers, average speed and various statistics.
  • Free version available
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  • Gps Tracking, Track Vehicle, Track Person, Track objects, Sport, Tracking movements, Geolocation tracker
Target Users
  • Keep Track of their movements with GPS datas and analyze then in a Map. Useful for sportive people who want to monitorize their running.
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