Siris QR (SQ)
Operations - documented in seconds!
Required by law, all prosthesis related operations in hips & knees need to be centrally documented & filed with the national registry (SIRIS). Traditionally, confusingly structured paper forms or clickable online input screens require explicit time slots and workspace, adding up to many hours of time preferably available for clinical work. With Siris QR, a simple, app-scanable QR code containing all information relevant to the operation, is used to integrate with the surgeon added specific operation details. The combinations are fully plausibilized & transparent, making involuntary erroneous data input impossible and so avoiding additional correction loops as frequently seen with paper forms. Set in the direct post operation surroundings, surgeons typically complete the registration in just a few seconds, the information then being directly transferred & logged with the national registry, no further questions or corrections to be expected!
Once in place, interoperability between QR apps is guaranteed, never again having to enter patient data manually & error prone – just scan any QR app specific qr code & all pertinent information is filled in automatically
To date over 2000 operations have been successfully registered error free from a single clinical sight.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Siris - OP documentation - Swiss registry
Target Users
  • Currently, every orthopedic surgeon in Switzerland doing hip & knee replacement. As government requirements increase in the near future, also spine & shoulder will be mandatory and included.
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