Sketch Arm - 3D Closet Designer
Sketch Arm is the ONLY tool for conceptual design in 3D that lets you create in a few minutes with your own fingers a fully customized closet. Divide the interior into compartments, easily add accessories, design the doors in detail and SHOW OFF your artistic skills sharing the results with your friends.

- Create a basic sketch of the room or just draw the wall where the closet will be placed.
- Distribute the space inside the closet with your fingers. Create shelves and vertical partitions easily.
- Complete interior design incorporating accessories in the spaces created.
- Create and customize the closet doors: have fun by combining several panels with different colors and materials.
- Take a look at the resulting design in 3D and interact with it: zoom, move and rotate the closet dragging your finger across the screen.

+ Features:

- Total Interactivity: design in real time with your finger every detail of the closet. Create, move, customize or just recreate any component at any moment. It's a cinch!
- Minimalist and intuitive interface for a surprisingly simple handling.
- Multitouch interaction for an unique and natural experience.
- Auxiliary tools that facilitate the design process: automatic adjustment to the design grid and precision tool.
- Accessories library: hangers, drawers, ...
- Illustrated basic guide.
- Sample projects and video tutorials for pro closet designers.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Business and Work
  • closet, wardrobe, cupboard, design, cabinet, locker, furniture, home, sketch, clothing, draw, CAD
Target Users
  • furniture designers and manufacturers, architects, interior designers, closet manufacturers, customers
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Google Play, iPad App Store
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