Smacktive helps you create new, meaningful friendships while doing the sports, gym, fitness, table games or any other activity you love to participate in.
For years, I have wanted to develop a real world social network to connect people like me who want to do healthy and fun activities such as going to the gym, biking, playing tennis or even playing a board game, but who struggle to find like-minded people in their community to share in these activities. While some activities can be done solo, it seemed to me that there were millions of people whose lives would be healthier and happier if only they could connect with each other and “hold each other accountable” to get off the couch and meet them at the gym, park or tennis court. If the staff at MindSmack (the web design company I founded in 1999) could design and develop a website that would make it easy for these people to find each other in their community, I thought it would be truly incredible.

For example, suppose you make a New Year’s resolution (like I do every year) to go to the gym regularly. You have limited time and no one to go with during the few hours a week that you can squeeze into your busy life. The chances are slim to none that you will actually achieve your goal. But what if you could find someone near where you live or work who is interested in going to the gym at the same time as you? Now suppose that person and you have a lot in common. For me, I would love to find someone to work out with who is a die-hard New York Yankee fan, loves to play Scrabble and is the father of young kids. Not only would you have someone to hold you accountable to get to the gym for a regular workout, but you would also have a good chance to make a new friend with common interests. At Smacktive, our goal is to help you to find meaningful, like-minded, activity partners for anything that you want to do. We are very proud to launch Smacktive and truly hope that it will have a positive impact on your life.
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