Smart-GTS (Smart Group Transportation Solutions)
Smart-GTS enables convenient group transportation and shared rides.
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Our application provides two main services including route creation and convenient ride services. Route creation service targets users with unsatisfied transportation needs or inconvenient transportation services. Examples of these users include the employees of small and medium enterprises, students, or users of existing services with inconvenient pick-up or delivery locations. The convenient ride service targets every group transportation
means including car poolers and existing private transportation services. The main objective of this service is to exploit state of the art technologies to make group transportation as convenient as possible.

Route creation service
The route creation service is currently a web application at which users can submit their transportation needs. Typically, a person transportation needs are identified by a source location (e.g. home in City Centre) and a destination (e.g. work at smart village) with respective pick-up and arrival time windows. Based on the provided information, our system generates multiple routes to serve the submitted user transportation needs. The route generation implementation is currently using data mining techniques.

Convenient ride service
The second service is based on a mobile app that should be typically mounted in the vehicle that collects users. This application monitors its current location and automatically sends notifications to the users on approaching their location. Hence, users would not miss their ride nor have to wait for the vehicle. This feature is of great benefit especially in bad weather or dark conditions. Additionally, the vehicle would not have to wait for the
rider taking part of a public road and impeding the traffic. To this end, the usage of convenient service is not tied to the route creation service and it can be provided to clients with ready-defined routes such as school buses and larger scale enterprises.

Traffic Data Collection
Traffic data collection is biproduct that is currently implemented in our mobile app. The location, velocity, and direction of motion are stored and updated to the central server for several purposes such as fleet management and system improvement. Additionally, real-time traffic information would be made available for public as shown in our screen shots.
Android, SMS
Urban life, Transport and Traffic
  • Convenient Group Transportation, Traffic Data Collection and presentation, Notifications, SMS, Data mining, Android App, Java, Web application, Car Pooling, Private and Public Transportation.
Target Users
  • The developed solutions would fit any group transportation system including - Car Poolers - Private Group Transportion - Smart Public Transit Systems
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