Smart Recycling / Mi Reciclaje
Smart Recycling is an iphone application that helps citizens to recycle: using geo-locatilization it shows the nearest recycling centers, garbage bins or trade in centers. The app delivers updated information via RSS about events, news and local policies in the city.

Also, this app supports the gamification concept about recycling; citizens can trade in the old items by credit or discount on the purchase of new more efficient items. It is connected with social networks allowing citizens to share this information in real time.

This proposal benefit citizens, private recycling companies, waste collection system and government policies.

The arquitecture is composed by a platform with an interactive web interface that allows actively data entry. Using Open Data resources of cities, this platform can implement API and Mashups to get correct data.

Smart recycling was designed following the European Directives regarding the general framework of waste management and classification systems for wastes, enabling the easy implementation in different cities under Open Innovation concept.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • Recycling, Energy Efficiency, Smart City, Sustainability, open data, recycling, community engagement, open innovation
Target Users
  • Citizens
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