Snail Mind Race
Your brain is the engine! Let's play by brain waves analysis
Play with your mind! Connect your Mindwave Neurosky EEG headset and move the snail with the power of your mind. The mobile EEG ( Electroencephalography ) analyze your brain waves, compute several informations related to your brain waves like meditation and attention levels More focused you are, faster runs the snail else fall into drowsiness.
This game develop also with support of psychologists opens new paths not just into entertainment but also for health scenario.
Has been developed a charity project whose aim is to allow hospitalized children who face with very difficult health condition (up to locked in people) to play at same difficult level with good health people (being powered by brain waves).
Mass entertainment and health scenario, Snail mind Race, plays an amazing engaging role.
Windows 8
Health, Games
  • BCI, brain control, brain controlled,neurosky
Target Users
  • All, even people facing with very difficult health conditions.
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