SNAPP, the key to a smarter city
Covered needs
SNAPP helps tourists to:
•Snapp a picture of a landmark and immediately see what is inside without accessing the landmark
•The user can also take a snap of a logo to find out the relevant information about the logo, to which landmark it is associated to and what is the business the logo represents.
•SNAPP is an informative application for tourists and residents that wish to expand their knoelwdge about Dubai with a simple click on their phone (camera)
•You snap an image of a logo or landmark, you can see what’s inside in terms of businesses, retail shops, hotels, movie theatres etc...
•Identify nearby locations and buildings
•Find out key information about locations and buildings without visiting them
•Discover local heritage sites and related cultural activities
•Know all the city’s best hot spots by user reviews and ratings
•Enjoy personalized experiences
•Make reservations and payments

Future versions of the app will include:

Rating and review
Rating and review is one of the most useful parts of the app, as it serves for helping users to determine which business are recommended by others so they can visit only the best places in the city. Each place will have option to be rated and reviewed, scanning the QR code from the app (it can be on the table or on the wall) and leave the rating and feedback in few seconds. Businesses would be encouraged to use their own QR code with SNAPP logo to get more feedback and in that way attract more users to visit their business.
As one business (company or brand) can have multiple branches, we will have possibility to review multiple branches of one brand (example: Starbucks coffee shops), and in that way make the feedback very accurate in each part of the city.
Search by review/rating functionality will be used for filtering so users can find specific places with best coffee, best sandwich, best pizza, best service, best atmosphere, etc.
This functionality will be integrated in the image recognition system. After Snapping the place or logo, result will show not only photos and description, but also the rating and review by other users, together with option to see better rated places near the place that was snapped.
This add-on can stimulate businesses, especially franchises, to compete and to advertise with SNAPP in order to build their rating in the app.
The application will allow users to Snapp a certain project’s logo, let’s say in real estate, and the user will have constant live feed and news about the progress of the project.

Recondition of logos and brands
Image recognition of brand logos is one in a line of additional features of SNAPP that represents a huge added value for users who are either residents doing their everyday activities, or citizens who want to explore the city and find interesting places and finding out what is inside a certain landmark by a click of a button. Some residents still do not know what lies inside all of dubai mall. Our application will resolve this issue. The “I didn’t know that outlet X existed in Landmark Y” will be a main solution that Snapp will offer.
Logo recognition serves not only as a way to find buildings in the city, but as a tool for finding different businesses, their branch offices, subsidiaries and details how to reach them. Businessman can use this tool for finding details about the company with which they had a meeting that day, with simply taking photo of a logo on the business card; Tourists can use this tool to find different hotels of one hospitality brand; anyone can use this tool to find a favorite coffee shop near them.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Social Media, Other, Business and Work, Art and Culture
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Target Users
  • Snapp targeted users are eventually all of the Dubai residents and visitors but we can separate them in 4 main groups: Tourists Citizens Business people Local Artists
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