Social Scout
News Feed? The real world is out there!
Explore nearby, find places, events, check-in, know where your friends are and more! Social Scout is your Facebook kit when you go out: tells you everything that's happening around you, in the real world not just on a 'News Feed'. With notifications of check-ins and comments, you have got everything that matters when you are out.

You can now actively be part of the most popular checking-in platform in the world, with a rich social connection and millions of places! And just as you can search on Facebook for different things, you can search for Places via Social Scout since it uses the same source (Facebook Places database).

Some of the features...
• Nearby places with distance and orientation using GPS and compass
• Powerful local searching
• See which friends close to you
• Get notifications when friends check-in close to you
• Live Tile, toasts and lockscreen notifications
• Check-in fast and easy
• Get driving directions (with Nokia Drive integration)
• Tag or attach photos to check-ins
• Comment or like friend's check-ins
• Check-in history of your friends and yours
• Suggestions of places to eat around you
• View people profiles and check-ins
• Most visited places on a specific area (by your friends or by everyone)

Do my friends need this app in order to interact?
Not at all. Social Scout will grab your friends activity no matter how they check-in, as long as they do it through Facebook either directly or via any Facebook app, on any platform.
Windows Phone
  • Free version available
  • Social Scout - 0
  • Social Scout Pro - 1.99
Urban life, Travel and Tourism
  • facebook, places, friends, events
Target Users
  • Facebook users WW.
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