Solidarity App
The free way to donate
Solidarity App makes a donation every time you discover and play a free game from our app.

The more free apps you test, the more donations we will make and you will be helping our world become a better place.

It's really simple, first select a free game or app you would like to test. Then choose your favorite NGO, you will organizations helping refugees, defending animal rights and the environment. Once you try the game you selected, we will make a donation on your behalf.

Could be more fun to be good? Join the philanthropy revolution! :)

PS: Es posible que no se ajuste a las condiciones del concurso de "Apps Para todos", disculpad.

*Todo el contenido, vídeos incluidos, esta en Español e Inglés. Según la audiencia se puede modificar.
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Target Users
  • Niños, adolescentes y jóvenes que quieren ayudar a mejorar este mundo pero no tienen el poder económico para poder hacerlo.
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