Building Mobile Business Communities

SoloConnect is a free, innovative app designed to stimulate and promote small B2B (business-to-business) networking and interaction by enabling seamless referrals of customers and colleagues to existing business connections, resulting in mutual growth, exposure and revenue gain. Our platform makes it easy and efficient to build mobile business communities.

• Seamlessly locate and connect with other Solo businesses

• Build a network of trusted partners

• Share, expose and legitimately refer ("Forward") customers and colleagues to your connected businesses for your mutual benefit

SoloConnect will help you:

• Boost your business footprint and industry recognition via customer introductions from partnered businesses

• Drastically increase revenue potential for you and your business connections by building a seamless B2B networking ecosystem

Information at a glance:

• Systematic review, breakdown and charting of exchanges and interactions

• Tracking, analysis and reporting on each connected business

Quickly view:

• Your Revenue History (Sent or Received)

• Your Top Connections (Sent or Received):

• Who has sent the most forwards

• Who has generated the most revenue

• Avg. Profit-Per-Forward & Forward-Per-Month

• How each of your connections compare in your connection circle

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Business and Work
  • B2B, collaboration, revenue, small business, analytics, social networking, market, exposure, business communities, referral
Target Users
  • Small Businesses, self-employed, sole-proprietorships, business owners seeking exposure and business networking opportunities
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