Sommelier Gourmet
Sommelier Gourmet is a wine guide in English/Spanish that includes 800 wines and over 250 wineries in Spain. It offers useful and detailed information on each wine, its fact sheet, aroma and palate sensations, our scoring and similar wines.
It also allows you to consult up to 1,100 pairing combinations with all kinds of Spanish and international cuisine.
The Premium Products boutique also offers the following features:
-Over 600 extra wines and more than 150 wineries
-500 extra pairing combinations
-A wine comparer
-Expert scoring
-Similar wines from other wineries in the detailed wine list
This requires a permanent internet connection.
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Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Premium gourmet - 2.69€
  • Premium sommelier - 1.79€
Eating and Drinking
  • Maridajes, Guía de vinos, varietales, vinos, platos, ingredientes, Cavas, Bodegas.
Target Users
  • Seguidores del mundo del vino, amantes del vino, consumidores frecuentes de vino.
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Google Play, AppBrain, iTunes, iPad App Store
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