Sooligan brings offline conversations about the city online. We digitalize \\\'word-of-mouth.\\\'
We all have hundreds of thoughts throughout the day. Many of these mind ramblings deal directly with something local and in-the-moment. These seemingly insignificant, but frequent, raves & rants are brief so people usually keep them to themselves. However, each of these thoughts can be extremely valuable local insight to another person in the city if only they were shared in the moment. For example: before going to the corner bakery, you could benefit from knowing that the place is packed right now, and they just ran out of your favorite French loaf 2 minutes ago. Or that the line for the Camp Nou experience tour is extremely long right now and you should pre-book online for a different day. These types of useful local knowledge tend to come from friends or family as ‘word-of-mouth.’ But you probably don’t have friends everywhere you go, which means you don’t have access to word-of-mouth everywhere either. This is especially true for tourists visiting a new city for the first time. Until now. Sooligan provides real-time local information by capturing the raves, rants, and thoughts of locals in any city, at any time. Sooligan is a platform for digital ‘word-of-mouth.’
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Target Users
  • Although our initial target market are tourists and travelers, Sooligan has broad market appeal. Our next target market are students who are searching for local hotspots, trends, tips, and advice in the cities around their universities. Our market also
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