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Soundprint enables you (1) to measure the decibel level of any venue (i.e. restaurant, bar, coffee shop) and submit such measurement to a ‘noise database’ and (2) to search the ‘noise database’ to see the average decibel level of any venue by name, category, or neighborhood to see if a venue is quiet, moderate, or noisy.

Soundprint was primarily developed for the hearing-impaired community to help them find quiet venues and connect with others in places with reduced background noise. But it is useful for anyone who seeks a quiet spot (hard to find in New York City) conducive to conversation or studying, whether it be a date spot, a business meeting, or a place to study.

On the other side of the noise spectrum, Soundprint can be useful to a municipality that aims to inform and protect the health of its residents and workers by monitoring whether venues are excessively loud.

Noise pollution is a growing public health issue (i.e. one of the city's biggest complaints received are noise complaints) as research studies have shown that constant exposure to loud noise is a contributor to noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, and other health factors such as stress, hypertension, and even obesity.

A major goal of Soundprint is to raise noise pollution awareness to venue managers whose workers may be exposed to constant loud noise. The database serves as a repository for various constituents (patrons, workers, managers, and the city) to help them determine if a venue is excessively loud and act as a barometer to which managers can aim to reduce their noise levels below (i.e. below 80 decibels).

There are various ways that patrons, workers, managers and the city can work together to reduce the amount of noise pollution and improve quality of life. Some examples include (1) users measuring the noise level and alerting managers of how excessively loud the venue is and requesting the volume be reduced, managers could also self-monitor their venues this way and (2) the city measuring (through health inspections) and monitoring the venues.

Once informed of the situation, managers could reduce noise levels by reducing music volume, installing better acoustic absorbing furniture and walls, incorporating better acoustic architecture and design (i.e. open vs closed kitchens, spacing of tables) to name a few.
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Target Users
  • Hearing impaired population and anyone that seeks a quiet spot. Also, managers, employees, and patrons of excessively loud venues.
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