Space Cargo 351
Solve puzzles in sci-fi environments!
Solve puzzles in sci-fi environments. You will have to squeeze your brain to solve the increasing difficulty levels. Features: ------------- ✭ Sci-Fi ambientation and OST ✭ High quality graphics and retina display support ✭ JoyPad Support for using your iPhone or iPod Touch like a classic control gamepad. Go to "" for get JoyPad. ✭ 32 puzzles along 4 levels of difficulty Device Requirements: -------------------- - iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 4.2 or later - Android Phones and Tablets with Android 2.1 - Mac with Snow Leopard or Lion Download Links: --------------- - iOS : - Android : - Mac OS X : Company info: ------------- Atomic Flavor SL is a company placed in Spain created by Miguel José García Corchero and Ricardo Castellanos Herreros in 2010. Nowadays we are focus on creating videogames for multiple platforms. Website : Twitter : @atomicflavor Facebook: Mail : info(at)atomicflavor(dot)com
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Space Cargo 351 - 0,99$ (iPhone & iPad App (HD))
  • Space Cargo 351 - 0,99$ (Mac- Mac App Store)
  • Space Cargo 351 - 0,99$ (Android Market)
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  • puzzle,think,science,fiction,sci-fi,alien,box,push,brain,challenge,sokoban,3d
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  • Casual, Hardcore, All kind of users
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