Space Jump
Funny simple jumper game
I have finaly published my small android game on Google Play and i would like to know if maybe you could do a small review/test of my game.

I would also like to add that we are actually on the TOP 1 of (wich is a website for mobile indie game)


The gameplay is unique, after several research we haven't found in any other Android applications the same style of gameplay.

He'd gone to the same category of game as flappy bird that is a reflex game, endless, infuriating and whose main objective is to make the highest score possible.

The difference is that the reflexes and a slight anticipation allows to get a much higher score than plain lucky and that it's not the same gameplay of course.

Brings a new way to Jump without breaking your phone or throwing it against the wall.
Accept the insanely addictive challenge of hardest yet simplest game ever.

Meet Space Man. He’s a small astraunot who just want to collect coins in space using trampolines but he need to avoid asteroids!

Experience the adventure of a space men in this super simple yet attractive game play with nice graphics and digital sound. All you have to do is to just Tap on the screen to Rise and Jump through the world by dodging asteroids in a fast paced game. And if you do enough points you will receive a space shield !

Key Features:
- Addictive, simple gameplay for all ages
- Hardcore gaming , you will die a lot
- Highscore system to track your progress against your friends.

Joint to this mail you have some screenshots

Best Regards
Vladislav Lukyantsev
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