SParking wants to offer all drivers an easy and intuitive way of finding free parking places.
In that way the user is going to save time and money.

SParking offers to the municipalities of Catalonia and all Spain the possibility to install in the blue zones a series of sensors. These sensors will detect if there is or not a car parked.

This technology give you the possibility of reserving parking spaces for specific groups, such as people with reduced mobility, linking their mobile devices with an authorized place.

In the same way taxi drivers, users of loading and unloading areas, etc. could use our technology to improve the current relationship with private vehicles and parking.

With our app/webapp you can know where the free parking place is before your reach the destination and you will pay only for the time your car has been parked.

You will never more pay extra time.

With this technology, you can reduce the fuel consumption because avoid you to spin around finding free site.

You can find places whether they are of reduced mobility or loading and unloading areas.

With our application you will not only be able to locate the vacant places that exist where you want to go, but also you can know in advance the density of spaces parking and choose between the different possibilities of existing parking.

Our application will guide you in an easy and simple way wherever you want to go.

Thanks to our agreements with merchants' associations you can know the establishments or trades existing in the nearby.

You can benefit from discounts and advantages offered by our collaborating establishments.

The customer (municipalities) will have full control over the dates the sensors are detecting.

Thanks to our sound system, our control system in real-time and our software, in addition to quantifying the density of the parking spaces, we can identify the use of restricted spaces, such as places for people with reduced mobility or places of load.

We improve citizen's health by reducing the pollutant gases the cars produce in their travels to find a free parking space.

The webaapp is still in the testing phase
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
Transport and Traffic
  • Parking, zona azul,
Target Users
  • City Halls, all Kind of users, mainly drivers
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