Spork is a food discovery tool to help foodies find new food, decide between dishes, and share with their friends.
Spork is the best app for finding food nearby and sharing your favorites with friends. Turn every street corner into a personalized menu of dishes and drinks based on your preferences and trusted recommendations.

Go beyond restaurant reviews and discover the best food around you. No other app combines the best of rating, recommending and saving specific food items so that you are never left hungry! We have over 1 million dishes in SF, LA and NYC already. If we're not in your city send us a note and we'll put you on the list. In the meantime, join us and get the best food in your city on the map!

Try these Spork features:
1. Find dishes and drinks nearby on a map that you can filter by whatever you might be looking for. Satisfy your craving with just a few taps.

2. Rate actual dishes and drinks to make it easier for everyone to decide whether they're worth trying. Avoid reading entire restaurant reviews and get straight to the food.

3. Recommend your favorite food to friends and help them discover what they’ve been missing. Others will return the favor and you might just discover something new that you love.

4. Add anything you’ve been wanting to try or plan to save for later in your own personal "Todo Guide". Never forget about the dishes you didn’t have time to try last time.
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