Template for Android tourism apps
Spotter is a engine for tourism apps. For now, it is used in 4 apps (Spot in Lisbon/Helsinki/Lamia/Amsterdam) and more are planned. The existing apps use open data provided by the cities but any kind of data could be used with Spotter.

Compared to other existing tourism apps, apps built with Spotter have uncommon or even unique features:
- Integration of events
- Works offline
- Integration of public transportation route calculation (when data available)
- Additional local features (when available) such as taxi ordering or bus ticket purchase
- Content available in several languages

And of course, it also features a list of places whose content is provided by the tourism office of the city.

For tourists, the app tells about the tourist spots as well as the restaurants, shops and hotels
For locals, it helps to know more about the cultural life of the city
For cities, it gives more exposure to the places and events they want to highlight
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Shopping, Eating and Drinking, Art and Culture
  • tourism, events, spots, Helsinki, Lamia, Lisbon, Amsterdam
Target Users
  • Citizens and visitors of Amsterdam, Lisbon, Helsinki, Lamia
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