Spot in Helsinki/Spot in Lisbon
Your city assistant: tells about places, events and public transportation
This project comes in 2 flavours:
- Spot in Helsinki is the most mature app. Thanks to the open data from the Helsinki city, it helps tourists and locals to find out about places and events. It is also connected to the API of the local transportation company in order to offer route calculation for public transportation. Furthermore, it allows to buy SMS tram tickets and even to order a cab with an SMS. The app is available in English, Finnish and Swedish. The content of the app is available offline.
- Spot in Lisbon is the newest app. It is still in beta at the moment. It reuses the UI of Spot in Helsinki and gets the data using the API defined in the city SDK project. It also offers offline maps. The beta is available at

We hope to make the app available for other cities as well. Any city using the citySDK tourism API will be easy to support.
We plan to include offline maps in Spot in Helsinki as soon as the implementation is stable enough.
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism
  • Tourism, Public transportation, Places, Events, Spot, Helsinki, Lisbon
Target Users
  • Tourists, Locals
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