Spotie enables you to discover events near you, visit them, find your friends, have fun and meet new people.
Spotie is the world’s first location based social network for events which integrates all events, enables users to interact with events and other people before, during and after event, meet people on event, upload, share and tag event photos.

There is no single application or service which can provide us with location based information about all kind of events on our smart phones, and which is fully social media integrated.
Location based services provides you with information about location, not about events happening on that location. Also, user interaction with event, before event, on the spot and after event is limited.

Can you come to Paris, take your iPhone and with single click get information about all happenings around you tonight, and see where other people are going? Answer is - no you can't! You have to go surf the net, find relevant web sites and services with chunks of information, get pieces together and pray u made a good choice to have some fun this night. And life is too short to make a bad choice! With Spotie service - this is as simple as one click on smartphone!
Every user can also create its own events for free, and get free information about every other event in any place at any time.
Users can also start real-time interaction with other people on event, or upload, share and tag event photos – all social media integrated (Facebook, Twitter,…).
So, with Spotie you can
o Find out what’s happening, where’s happening and when it is happening!
o Find nearby events, today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, month,…
o Find events anywhere, any kind
o Meet new people on event (get introduced)
o Create your own events for free
o Share events with your Spotie or other social networks friends (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter,…)
o Find events created on other social networks
o Check number of RSVP’s or checked-in users
o See who’s coming, or who’s already there
o See where are your friends tonight, or where they will be at Friday’s night
o Check-in on events
o Interact with people on event (“location based poke”, message, …)
o Upload, share and tag photos from event and share it via other social networks
o And much more…
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • Geolocation, Social network, events
Target Users
  • Potential free user is every smart phone and social network user in the world between 16 and 45 years, or higher (over 700 million users)
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